Therapeutic Expertise

  • Pain: Drugs (Opioids) and Devices   
    Our leading pain expert is Gary W. Jay, MD, FAAPM who has worked in Pain Medicine since 1980 holding several positions within pharmaceutical and contract research industries. Dr. Jay was one of the original thirty founding members of the American Academy of Algology, now the American Academy of Pain Medicine in 1983, which helped to develop the subspecialty of Pain Medicine. He is a founding member and development partner of the American Academy of Pain Management, starting in 1988 and spent the majority of his professional career working with and supporting this organization. Dr. Jay has multiple certifications including NeuroRehabilitation and Forensic Medicine, and wrote the diagnostic and treatment algorithms of Chronic benign Pain, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury, which were passed into law by the State of Colorado. Additionally, he is the founder and first president of the Southern California Pain Society (1981), served on the Board of Directors of the American Headache Society- 1988-1990, President of the Eastern Pain Association (Dec. 8, 2012- Present). He has published over 120 medical articles in peer reviewed journals dealing with headache, pain of all types, the autonomic nervous system and mild traumatic brain injury as well as medical textbook chapters for books that were not his. He has also published 5 textbooks. To round out Dr. Jay's experience, for his first twenty five years of practice, Dr. Jay started and ran the first privately owned tertiary care interdisciplinary pain center opened west of the Mississippi. During that time, he was a PI, KOL and a consultant to Industry
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